“Unarmed But Dangerous ” Motivational Speaker Tawana Williams Comes to Bay Area


Well-known motivational speaker and author Tawana Williams will be appearing in the Bay Area in July.

Williams was born without arms and impaired use of her legs due to the drug Thalidomide, which was given to her mother before Williams was born.

As a speaker, Williams talks about how all of her life, she has been challenged to do the impossible. Her compelling story is one of triumph, perseverance and determination.

She overcame many obstacles and has never let her disability stop her because she stayed focused on her abilities. Her fight for her life transcended self-pity.

When Williams was in Oakland last year appearing as a keynote speaker at several church events , she met Martha Brown, and the two decided to work together to make the upcoming speaking tour possible.

Williams is a Les Brown Platinum Speaker, TV personality, artist, advocate, businesswoman, mentor, humanitarian and the CEO of Tawana Williams Outreach.

She is the the author of five books including her Best Seller “UNarmed But Dangerous.” The book is her personal testimony and will be featured at her debut movie, coming soon to theaters.

Tawana Williams can be contacted at www.tawanawilliams.com or (252) 291-6081. For more information, contact Martha Brown at (510) 568-0217 or email [email protected]


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