Council Approves Oakland A’s Lease – With Revisions


The City Council on Wednesday night approved an agreement with the Oakland A’s, though they did make some revisions, which could jeopardize the lease that already had been negotiated.

A's Owner Lew Wolff
A’s Owner Lew Wolff

< p class=”bodytext”>A’s owner Lew Wolff had previously stated he would walk away from the agreement if the council made any changes. But he told the Oakland Tribune on Thursday that he would consider the new deal because he had received a call form Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

While backing Kaplan, Wolff threw barbs at Mayor Jean Quan. In a Wednesday email to city officials, according to the Tribune, Wolff wrote, “The almost daily inconsistency and misstatements of Mayor Quan are absolutely unacceptable. Her attributing comments to me that I have never made are equally distasteful.”

The council voted 5-2 at the Wednesday meeting to approve the 10-year contact

Rebecca Kaplan
Rebecca Kaplan

with revisions. Larry Reid, Noel Gallo and Kaplan were willing to support the deal without revisions.

Though most of the changes were minor, the major revision specifies that the city

and Alameda County, joint owners of the Coliseum Complex, would not b he held liable for lease violations by the Oakland Raiders.

If the A’s agree to the city’s changes, the new deal could go to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors later this month for final approval.


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