Oakland Athletics Fund College Tours for Richmond Youth


The Oakland Athletics will contribute $3,600 to fund college tours, supplies and incentives for 30 Richmond children and youth participating in the Richmond Police Department’s (RPD) “Straight A’s Club.”

“TheOakland A’s heard about our program and will support our college tours,” said Michelle Milam, Crime Prevention Manager, Richmond Police Department. “Thank you to the Oakland A’s for supporting Richmond youth.”

Participants will tour the University of California Berkeley, Stanford University and other select campuses this summer.

The “Straight A’s Club” was created three years by RPD Corporal Larry Lewis to encourage students to excel academically. And while program participants needn’t get straight As in order to participate, they must agree to submit their report cards quarterly, maintain regular attendance and demonstrate good behavior to cash in on perks, which include excursions and activities. Participants must be a resident of Richmond’s Crescent Park Apartment community. To date, there are 70 participants.


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