Africa Day Celebrated in Marin City


Village Baptist Church in Marin City celebrated Africa Day Saturday, July 26, in front of the Manzanita Recreation Center.

The event was a benefit for Better Africa Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Cotonou, Benin. Dr. Emmanuel Olufemi Akognon, pastor of Village Baptist Church, is the founder and CEO of Better Africa Foundation.

Akognon, who is from Nigeria, expressed his vision and passion to heal Africa, which he shares through the Better Africa Foundation website.

“Africa is a neglected continent and has suffered for so many years because of the lack of support from the West. Africans in the Diaspora must also give back to Africa,” wrote Akognon. “Many religious organizations have raped Africa. They collect so much money, and only about 1 percent to 5 percent of what is raised actually goes to Africa.

“Many Western governments, including the United States of America, give to governments in Africa but the poor people, the citizens of those countries, never get the benefits.

The unfortunate thing is that most of these Western countries know that the aid given does not reach the poor masses but they keep giving the money. In most cases, money given to African countries are “token” grants or loans.”

“It is time to help (Africa) heal. That healing process will take a long time, but it must begin with ME. What have you done lately for Africa?” Asks Akognon.


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