Vallejo Celebrates its 147th Birthday


Vallejo will celebrate its 147th birthday this year and in an effort to commemorate this occasion, the City of Vallejo wants to share its unique history with the community.

Not many people know that Vallejo was the original home of California’s state government prior to the Capitol being moved to Sacramento. In 1852, just two years after California was admitted to the Union as the 31st state, General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a Mexican military officer and pioneer, donated 156 acres of his land in hopes of creating his dream of a thriving new state capitol.

Unfortunately, members of the legislature were unhappy with the living and working conditions in Vallejo and moved the Capitol to Sacramento. After bouncing back to Vallejo, and then later to Benicia, the restless legislatures returned to Sacramento where the Capitol has resided ever since. Once the legislature had left the town for good, Vallejo was on a downward slope until the United States Navy purchased Mare Island for the creation of the first naval installation on the West Coast in 1853, and Vallejo’s future was bright once more.

Vallejo was later incorporated in 1867, due in large part to the man regarded as the true founder of Vallejo, John B. Frisbie, who diligently lobbied for the City in Washington D.C


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