Noose Discovered on City Worker’s Truck


City workers were shocked his week when they discovered a noose hanging from a Black worker’s truck.

According to city carpenters, they found the noose Wednesday after working overtime. The noose was hanging on a ladder attached to a truck that was parked near the carpentry shop.

< p>In an interview with KPIX 5, Mayor Jean Quan said she was aware there were conflicts among workers over promotions but that she had no idea that racial conflicts were occurring.

Calls to Quan’s Communications Director Sean Maher to clarify whether or not the job promotions issues were race related were not returned before press time.

City Administrator Henry Gardner met with workers Wednesday and found evidence of racial tensions. “I take this very seriously. There’s an investigation underway… (There) will be severe consequences if we can identify who put it there,” Gardner told KTVU Channel 2.

“I really wish the surveillance would detect who put that noose up. Instead of going forward, we’re going backwards,” said Ken Chambers, pastor of Westside Missionary Baptist Church. “Racism is alive and well, [but] it’s undercover and sneaky.”

Another city worker noted that this is the second time such an incident has occurred in the last four months.




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