Writer Dakotah Jennifer, 14, Takes Readers into Her World


Writer Dakotah Jennifer takes readers inside her world as she tells the story of a teenage girl going through the ups and downs of middle school in her book, “Drama.”

Ida, the main character, begins the 8th grade, makes a new friend, and the author takes readers along her journey of friendship and boy drama as Ida’s world turns upside down.

Jennifer, 14, started writing stories four years ago and has since published four books, including “Drama” and a book of poems, “I Want You to Know”. Having always had a love for writing, the young self-published author says she wants to “entertain the reader, while also showing a different perspective.”

And with this writer, a new, fresh point of view is what you get.

Her first book, “Clique,” started as a personal diary of her day-to-day life in middle school. When writing “Drama,” Jennifer was inspired by the library of books she read to create a different story for her and her peers.

“I would always read books with no conclusion, or there was just something about them that I didn’t really like,” said Jennifer. “So I decided I wanted the perfect book for me. I wanted to give people something that I craved and couldn’t find.”

With “Drama,” Jennifer created a mystery and something her peers could relate to.

“I just want people to be in the story and enjoy it, but at the same time pick up some [lessons] from it,” she explained.

With the support of her parents and the mentoring of her English teacher, Jennifer has adopted a business approach that helps her continue to pursue her dreams. She is currently working on her next book, “Drama 2,” expected to be published later this year, and her first novel “Atlantica,” expected to be published in 2015.

“Usually, something sparks my inspiration, and I just start writing and hope for the best,” said Jennifer, who looks forward to writing more books. “I really like to make a different world for people to get into.”

Published through Draft 2 Digital, an online tool for publishing eBooks, Jennifer’s collection of books can be found at authordakotahjennifer.webs.com or on Amazon.



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