Say It Loud With a Unified Voice: Women Support Nat Bates for Mayor


Over 150 people gathered at Salute’s Restaurant on Thursday, August 27th for a reception hosted by Black American Political Action Committee of Contra Costa County (BAPAC), Richmond Police Officers Association (RPOA) Richmond Firefighters Local 188, and Black Men & Women (BMW).

Mayoral candidate Nat Bates expressed his vision of “Building the Richmond We Need and Honoring the Richmond We Love”. Bates drew applause when he stated that he is his own “Man” that makes decisions that benefit the residents of the city and refuse to succumb to attacks by the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA).

Batesstated that he rather spend is time more efficiently addressing the city’s estimated $ 7 million dollar budget deficit, leveraging his experience, building relationships, creating more jobs for Richmond residents and looking to the future for more opportunities to grow Richmond.



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