Zay Harrell Visits Brooklyn to Play Football to Fight Cancer  


Novato resident Zabrianna “Zay” Harrell and her mother, Meloni Gail Page, recently attended Cancer Awareness Week in New York.

Harrell participated on Aug. 24 in an All Women’s Flag Football Game at the Aviator Sport and Events Center in Brooklyn, New York to raise money for “Stupid Cancer,” a non-profit program that reaches out to young adults dealing with cancer.

Harrell participated in honor of all currently battling cancer and for those who have recovered. Many of her family members have suffered from cancer. Her grandmother Connie Page passed in 2011 from ovarian cancer.

Harrell also lost her uncles Donald Jones and Roy Williams to cancer. Her cousin Johanna Rollins and her family friends Liza Krystal, S. Parker and Jerome Grayson Jr. are also battling the disease.

Harrell’s team, called Team Brittany, won, 24-0. She raised over $500 herself, and the event raised over $10,000.

The football game was the idea of a 28-year old nursing graduate who shared her idea on Instagram. Many women, including Harrell, jumped at this opportunity to raise money for cancer.

Women between the ages of 20 to 35 from all over the United States, as well as one from Canada, came to participate in the game. Each player had to raise at least $250 to participate.

Harrell was born and raised in Novato. She attended Marin Christian Academy School from pre-k to 8th grade, and high school at San Marin and Novato High. She was point guard for the girls Varsity basketball team, making MVP her freshman and senior years, as well as being voted Homecoming Queen.

Harrell is majoring in child psychology and works with youth throughout Marin County.



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