Marin City Biggest Winner Competition, Sept. 29th to November 26th


Are you a Marin City resident who is overweight and needs help losing weight? The Marin City Boxing and Fitness Club, located at 630 Drake Avenue in Marin City, is hosting the Marin City Biggest Winner Competition.

Participants must commit to a Physical Fitness Boot Camp for nine weeks, beginning September 29th and ending November 26th. A first prize of $2,500, a second prize of $1,000 and a third prize of $500, will be awarded at the end of the competition to three participants for shedding the most weight .

Supervised group exercises will be conducted on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s from noon to 3 p.m. There will also be a wellness check-in evaluation, stretching exercises, meal planning, and nutrition information available to all participants.

Sign ups will begin on Friday, September 19th at 5 pm at the Marin City Boxing and Fitness Club.

For more information, call Edward Green at 415.879.0129.


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