OP-ED: Where Do We Go From Here?


Be strong and courageous! … Joshua 1:9

Last week we took a bold and honest look at the state of Black America, ergo knowing what we now know where do we go from here?

The above quote is from the Old Testament book in the Bible and is a command from God to Joshua. Joshua would finally lead the children of Israel out of the dessert where they had wandered for 40 years in the shadows of their promised land.

I have always found it interesting that God did not give Joshua a new weapon or new skill set for the children of Israel to finally reach their promised land, but he commanded of Joshua a new mindset. I too believe that the foundation for change for a better, brighter future for Black America is much more than economics, much more than educational or familial status. I deeply believe the most important ingredient for our future success as a people is the mindset. We must begin today to create a new vision for ourselves.

We can not be both victims and victors at the same time. We must remove the shackles of inferiority from our minds. It is unfortunate that many of the so-called Black leaders of today have lowered the bar so low for us that instead of having to reach for it we too often stumble over it. If we as a people will begin to dream again and set powerful and bold goals for ourselves then the narrative over minimum wage hikes and increased entitlements would no longer entertain us.

The posture of begging others to do for us what only we can do for ourselves would cease. Let us choose today to dream of a time in a very near future where we are no longer the student but the teacher; no longer the borrower but the banker; no longer the tenant but the landlord; no longer the employee but the employer. Let us begin today to rise up, dust ourselves off and begin again.

Karen Watson is author of the book, “Being Black and Republican in the Age of Obama”. Email karen.watson@gopbuzz.com
Karen Watson is author of the book, “Being Black and Republican in the Age of Obama”. Email [email protected]

Yes,we have a unique American history, and yes slavery was a part of our history. But, we must refuse to act as if slavery is a part of our present day or our future. We as a people have come too far and have paid too costly a price to accept this status quo of Black America.

We have been free for so long, let us begin today to live as if we are free. And as we dream bolder, brighter, bigger dreams we will tell the world we don’t need or covet your pity or sympathy because ours is not a victim story but a story of a people rising!

And yet what do we do about racism?

Join me as we discuss that next week.


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