Chevron Volunteers Upgrade Richmond’s Girls Inc.


“Operation Smart” met “Operation Fix Up” on Tuesday, Sept. 9 at Richmond-based Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa.

“Operation Smart” is the program that Girls Inc. runs as part of its 39 years of helping underserved young women become college ready. The Girls Inc. program stresses science, math and technology with hands on activities.

Operation Fix Up, the ad hoc name for the joint effort between Chevron and Rebuilding Together East Bay-North (RTEBN), beautified and secured the Girl’s Inc. building.

The joint effort is the nonprofit that mobilizes s about 1,000 volunteers each year to serve low-income seniors, veterans and underserved populations. Each year since 1991, the partnership rehabilitates about six community facilities similar to the Girls Inc. project.

Annually, the group also improves about 30 residences belonging to low-income seniors and veterans.

Chevron sent 11 employees (from maintenance, IT, research and the refinery) to the Girls Inc. building at 260 Broadway in Richmond to work most of the day on painting, installing and securing the Girls Inc. building.

Tiffany Harris, executive director of Girls Inc. was grateful for the work that was done at no cost to the organization. “It was fun.” It made the building look a lot brighter and more of a professional environment,” Harris said. “As far as safety, they addressed safety hazards by the time they were done”.

Thanks to the Chevron volunteers, now there’s a new deadbolt on the front door. The electrical panel is safer because volunteers installed GFCI outlets.

Volunteers inserted caution strips to warn people about a step down in the middle of the program room.

The group also beautified the property and made it more functional by power washing the front steps and painting two exterior walls. Volunteers placed window blinds in two rooms and installed chains on fans so the girls can reach them.


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