CWS Partners with Waste Management to Deliver “Victory for Oakland”


Today, California Waste Solutions announced its decision to form an alliance with Waste Management “that delivers a huge victory for Oakland residents by maintaining the lower rates guaranteed by CWS,” the local company said in a press release.

The alliance will allow the City of Oakland to save taxpayers millions of dollars by stopping a special election and two lawsuits filed by Waste Management after CWS was awarded the city’s $1 billion garbage contract in August by a 7-1 vote from City Council.

“This development is a victory for the citizens of Oakland and the City Council. The Council stood firm in our commitment to bring the best level of service and rates to our community and to rise above the ‘garbage war’ that was permeating throughout the city,” stated District 3 Councilmember Lynette McElhaney.

The Council has acknowledged CWS for its uniquely unselfish decision to act in the best interests of the community.

Under the citywide agreement, Oakland residents will be guaranteed the lowest rates possible.

Details of the agreement are: Waste Management has agreed to lower its proposed rate to match the lower rate that was already guaranteed by CWS; trash and organics will be collected by Waste Management; CWS will pick up and process all franchised recyclable materials; CWS and Waste Management union employees will have their jobs secured. While Waste Management originally insisted on keeping all green waste, under this agreement EBMUD will receive this material they need to create more green energy; and, Civicorps, the local youth employment enterprise that CWS chose to partner with, will be protected.

CWS recently spent $40 million to put 150 of the cleanest emission trucks available on the streets of Oakland and will keep as many of these trucks needed for the new recycling contract. CWS will also continue with its plan to build an $80 million state-of-the-art transfer station in Oakland.

City Council is expected to review the terms of the proposed strategic alliance at a special meeting next week.


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