Congressman John Lewis Talks History & Hope at the Calvary Presbyterian Church


Congressman John Lewis talked about history, freedom and the hope for the future at the Calvary Presbyterian Church in San Francisco on Saturday Sept. 20. Lewis introduced, “March Book One,” a graphic novel that will be part of a trilogy that tells his personal account of the struggle for civil rights.

He spoke a panel discussion, part of the San Francisco Waldorf High School’s lecture series, that featured Lewis’ co-author Andrew and writer Adam Hochschild.

The Waldorf High School Choir and faculty sang “Balm in Gilead” and led the audience in singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Lewis spoke about the dangers an exhilaration of being involved in the civil right movement in rural and expressed his gratitude to fellow freedom fighters, veterans, journalists and others who took part during the era.

Lewis serves in Congress representing the 5th Congressional District of Georgia. As key figure the civil rights movement, he remains committed to nonviolence and justice.

He had to stand up to segregation of the South, receiving beatings by state troopers. As a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), he was the youngest speaker at 1963 March on Washington. And he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

Lewis’s o-author Andrew Aydin serves now serves on Lewis’ staff.

Lewis and Aydin signed copies of “March Book One.” The book, illustrated by Nate Powell, is produced in a graphic novel or comic book format. Lewis says during his days as a student activist, he was influenced by a comic book, “Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story,” and wanted the same design for his new book.

“It is important to keep history alive, it is important to remember the past so we can build a brighter future,” he said.

“Our youth are living in a time of great change with great opportunity transformation. We have the tools and a challenging past from which to build.”

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