Michael Morgan: A lifetime of Making Music


conwayjones Michael Morgan, music director and conductor of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, was one of the presenters at the TEDxLivermore event last Saturday at Las Positas College in Livermore, California.

Maestro Morgan, who is celebrating his twenty-fifth year at the Oakland Symphony, talked about the life-changing events that inspired him to create a life focused on music.

He presented vivid examples of how music had the ability to bring people together across social, ethnic and economic boundaries.

“I have witnessed first-hand how the music of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, and the Oakland Symphony Chorus, and the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra have changed lives and made new cultural connections between the communities that we serve,” said Maestro Morgan.

Catherine Ndungu-Case, from Kenya in Africa, created a non-profit that facilitates global citizenship by connecting world communities through sound, dance, music and the arts.

“I found a way to bridge the gap that my twins who were born here in the U.S can understand and appreciate my cultural roots in Africa,” she said.

Concert pianist Donna Stoering’s presentation highlighted specific examples of the power of music to nourish, impact, and help us reshape our lives. “In situations where Mozart and other classical music was played as students entered classrooms for their subject lessons, over time, an interesting thing happened: academic success and test scores (for all students) went up and class misbehavior went way down, because the music relaxed their minds and bodies and readied them for study,” she said.

“What I find exciting about the TEDxLivermore program is that each speaker relates a facet of their lives that they are passionate about. Passion is what motivates us; it inspires us,” said John Marchand, mayor of the city of Livermore.”

Their passion is contagious and Livermore will be a better place for it,” he continued.

TEDxLivermore sponsored this local community-driven event to inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight.


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