Shakti Butler Hosts Gala for “Cracking the Codes”


Race – more than any other demographic factor – determines levels of individual educational achievement, health and life expectancy, possibility of incarceration, and wealth in the United States.

“Cracking the Codes,” a film by Shakti Butler, PhD, is designed to set the stage for transformation in classrooms, conference rooms and communities by unpacking the system of racial inequity and enabling people to finally talk about it.

The film features moving stories from 23 racial justice leaders including Amer Ahmed, Joy DeGruy, Peggy McIntosh and Tim Wise.

As founder and president of World Trust Educational Services, Dr. Butler shares her holistic framework for conveying the interconnection between internal and structural components of racial inequity, and revealing how self-perpetuating systems reinforce disparities in institutions.

World Trust will hold a benefit gala on Thursday, Oct. 2, 7 p.m. at Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway.

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