Eban Brown Releases New Sound with “Never Gonna Let You Go”


Singer Eban Brown, lead vocalist of the 70s soul music group The Stylistics, knows a thing or two about jazz and clubhouse music.

A renowned guitarist, composer, singer and songwriter, he recently released a solo single, “Never Gonna Let You Go”, on his label, Stardom Records, which gives fans a taste of his love for music.

Brown discovered his gift at an early age growing up in Newark, New Jersey. He studied jazz guitar and was inspired by the likes of George Duke, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, and Bobby Caldwell.

The singer’s first big act was in 1991 when Brown became the lead vocalist of his idol group Ray, Goodman, & Brown, better known as The Moments. He later joined The Manhattans and became lead vocalist of the Delfonics in 1993, for which he was inducted into the 98.7 KISS FM Hall of Fame and received a NAACP Award.

Brown joined The Stylistics in 2000 and is said to be the youngest Classic Soul recording artist in the history of the music genre. Known for their classic hits “You Make Me Feel Brand New,” “Betcha By Golly Wow,” “Break Up to Make Up” and many others, the group performed two nights to a sold out crowd at Yoshi’s in Oakland last week.

Brown says the sound of new single, “Never Gonna Let You Go”, is a clubhouse mix, definitely different from that of The Stylistics.

“Clubhouse was birthed from disco, if you go back to the late 70’s,” he said in an interview with The Post. “I’ve always liked to take an old record and put a dance beat to it. It’s a whole different market.”

The song actually started off as a ballad, Brown says, until he mixed it with a dance beat and the music took on a life of its own.

Although “‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ is far from my norm,” he said, “when you hear that song it has that sound where it’s close to what’s being produced now. In the midst of doing smooth jazz and performing as an instrumentalist, I’ve always wanted to do a clubhouse mix.”

“I believe in making a record that all races and all walks of life can love and appreciate.”

The artist is also working on an EP to be released exclusively in Japan and just wrapped up the West Coast tour with The Stylistics.

Visit www.ebanbrownmusic.net or iTunes to download Brown’s single “Never Gonna Let You Go”.


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