School Buzz: “Let Success Be Your Noise,” says Carl Edwards


An athlete is not the only person that stands out on campus. It is the brains over the brawn that can pay your life forward, because intelligence will never stop being beautiful.Carl Neal Edwards III is a Berkeley native who has graduated high school with a 3.0 grade point average and was accepted to three colleges. But all of this was not done on his own.

For three years, Edwards has volunteered with the Berkeley Youth Alternatives community center during the summer as well as the school year. He has helped many children by assisting them with their academics and their personal lives.

“I felt I made change in my community by giving younger kids a role model to look up to. The way I felt I did that is by being a young African American male that is going to college,” said Edwards.

Going to college as an African American can be very difficult. Not because of the difficult schoolwork that has to be done, but maybe the community that you come from is the difficult part. School is not a factor if you are trying to survive in the streets of negativity, because it’s not viewed as a positive investment. Think about it, what have you heard about school that is a positive factor?

School can keep African American men and women off the streets. It can allow you to create a long-lasting friendship and learn from other students. School can broaden your horizon through experiences and knowledge.

“My accomplishments can be passed on by having a lot more African American men and women to graduate high school, and go to college,” said Edwards.

Focusing on yourself will allow you to erase the negativity in your environment and change your community with positivity. Going to college will allow those around you to physically see the possibilities of going to college. There is a way that you can reach your dreams and actually accomplish them. Carl Edwards is reaching for his dream to become a sports analyst for ESPN.

“I personally feel like my path is a reality, because all it will take is hard work, and I am willing to put in the work to have success in my life,” he said. It is within him to stay on track. “Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.”


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