Dr. Cornel West Visits St. Mary’s College


St. Mary’s College recently hosted its Leadership and Social Justice Conference last week in hopes of equipping “college students with the knowledge and wisdom to foster the common good.”

The one-day conference included various breakout sessions and entertainment before it concluded with a keynote address and Q&A with author, activist, and social leader, Dr. Cornel West.

West’s address, Confronting The New Jim Crow and Income Inequality in America, confronted religious, political, and racial insights that at times challenged the vastly white audience. He spoke about racial inequality and discrimination throughout the country that not only affected Black people, but also addressed the history of racial injustice and discrimination in America.

In an interview prior to his address, West said that Ferguson, Missouri was serving as the catalyst for change, believing “social change” with “social momentum” causes a “social movement.”

He said the question now becomes, how deep is your love for Black people?

“We need examples of integrity,” added West.

After his speech, a Q&A allowed audience members to ask West various questions. He then autographed copies of his latest book, “Black Prophetic Fire”.

Following his visit to St. Mary’s, ironically, West was arrested while demonstrating in Ferguson during the “Moral Monday” march after reportedly asking why attendees weren’t being allowed to enter a public building.


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