27,000 Mail Ballots Sent to Berkeley Voters Have Wrong Election Date


Alameda County officials are reminding voters that Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4 after the county’s registrar of voters sent return envelopes that say, “Election Day is November 5, 2014” to 27,000 Berkeley voters.

All other materials sent to those voters have the correct date, county election officials said.

“This is an unfortunate error on some vote-by-mail envelopes sent to voters in Berkeley, and we deeply regret any confusion this may be causing,” Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis said in a statement.

Dupuis’s office is mailing letters to each voter that received the erroneous return envelopes and is sending emails to each voter that provided an email address to the registrar.

The office will also be telling voters of the correct date through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We are glad that we discovered the error relatively early in the process,” Dupuis said. “This will allow us to take a number of corrective measures in the coming weeks to remind our voters that Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.” Courtesy of CBS SF.


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