Downtown Way-finding Signs To Be Installed in Vallejo


The Central Core Restoration Corporation (CCRC) has come up with a new way for residents and visitors to find their way around downtown.

The new downtown way-finding signs will combine a bit of history while also directing the way to various points of interest.

The blue and white signs will feature the City’s logo, historical photos along with a short description, plus arrows pointing to the Valley Ferry Terminal, the Empress Theatre, the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, Civic Center and parking.

The first six signs will be installed on Mare Island Way and Georgia Street and will feature General Mariano Vallejo, who founded the city in 1851, the Vallejo Electric Railroad Line, which took passengers from Vallejo to Calistoga and the Saginaw, the first of more than 500 ships built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.


They will also feature Lower Georgia Street, a once colorful settlement of bars and gambling houses, the California State Capitol in Vallejo during 1852 through 1853 and the Sunol Ferry, which took passengers from Vallejo to San Francisco from 1890 to 1913.

While the signs will contain a lot of information, people will be able to see them clearly as they walk or drive by. The signs, meant for both newcomer and local residents alike, will be made by Barber Signs and installed by Skyview Memorial Lawn.

The CCRC designed the signs and are paying to have them installed. Eleven more signs are proposed in the project’s second and third phase. Additionally, the CCRC is working with Caltrans to get signs installed on Sonoma Boulevard (Highway 29).


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