GVRD Tennis Courts and Dan Foley Parking Lot Renovations


The Amador Street and Castlewood Street tennis courts were recently spruced up with a surface upgrade and are now in use.

The tennis courts were resurfaced with money from Measure K and a grant by the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA). About $200,000 of the Measure K tax money was allocated to the courts’ renovation, including resurfacing, repairing drainage, repainting, as well as adding two junior courts and batting walls at the Amador Street facility.

Dan Foley Parking Lot
Dan Foley Parking Lot

The Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) also restriped the Glen Cove Park courts, which are now used by the (GVTA).


The tennis courts have not been resurfaced in nearly 20 years, and the USTA had declared the Amador Street court to be “unsafe” in 2012, leaving the GVTA with only the Castlewood Street site. In addition to the Measure K funds, the USTA had also awarded a facility grant of $28,800 to the GVTA to assist in the renovation.

Additionally,GVRD repaved the Dan Foley Parking lot, with some reconstruction for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. There was also sealing that was completed in the part of the parking lot that was not resurfaced.

The cost of the renovations at the parking lot was approximately $740,000. To further upgrade the location, a request for bids was sent out to redo the landscaping medians inside the parking lots. These upgrades will include new irrigations, new plants and about 80 new trees to replace those that had been taken out for the paving project. The new landscaping should be completed around February 2015.


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