City Passes Z for Public Safety, N for Schools, FF for $12.25 Minimum Wage


Oakland residents overwhelmingly backed parcel taxes to improve public schools and continue to supplement public safety dollars, as well as a labor-backed measure to raise the minimum wage in the city to $12.25 an hour.



Measure Z passed with 77 percent of the vote. It needed 66.67 percent to win.


The measure is the successor to Measure Y, which for the last 10 years has generated about $20 million a year for police and anti-violence youth programs.


Measure Z will extend the tax for another decade.


“I’m so grateful that the citizens have chosen to maintain these investments in police services and programs that stand in the breach for the families that are impacted by violence and provide a pathway back for those who have paid their debt to society,” said Councilmember Lynette McElhaney, who spearheaded efforts to pass Measure Z.


McElhaney thanked the community, faith and business groups that worked to pass the measure. She also expressed gratitude to the fire fighters union, which donated $100,000 to the campaign.


“We would not have been able to do anything without them,” McElhaney said. “They were the cornerstone of our financing.”

The Measure N Oakland schools parcel tax won with 75.8 percent of the vote. It also needed 66.67 percent to pass.

Measure FF, a measure to raise the minimum wage in Oakland to $12.25 an hour next March, won in a landslide with 81.2 percent of the vote.



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