African American Girls Excel at James Logan High


A tremendous amount of national forensic acclaim has been achieved by the 9th grade class for African American males which was created by Tommie Lindsey.

But now the African American Girls Life Skills Class sponsored by Dorothy Allen, Ethnic Studies Department Chair, and Yvonne Hull, House Principal, at James Logan High School is making some positive noise.



Allen, who has taught at Logan for 41 years, said “These girls are so intelligent and eager to pursue their goals. They will become high achievers.

At the beginning of each class the girls recite their affirmation: We all come in different shades and sizes. We are all smart and intelligent and we don’t need anyone to validate that. We are unique. We are independent women. We are phenomenal women. We are capable and worthy enough to achieve anything that comes in our way. When people look at us, they won’t only see our skin color, but my personality that outshines any physical appearance. I am a beautiful young African American girl. I have confidence in what I do and who I am. We strive to be a positive change in our community. We are African American women.

Through the School Buzz column, written by Brandon Reeves, these students, along with Corey Mason’s Journalism class at El Cerrito High, are staying connected with each other as they use their social media contacts to spread the word about their various good news projects.


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