SCHOOL BUZZ: Everyone Has A Road to Follow


Everyone has a road to follow. But you don’t where the road will take you and how long it will take to reach the end of that road.





Parents tell youth to go to school, get a job and make money. But do they show their appreciation for the child and watch them as they continue to grow?


For some, it may take longer to get to that point and for others it may be a quick process. Everyone is different. It’s important to move at your own pace, not by doing things the traditional way because society tells you it is right.


What is it that you would like to do after finishing school? What do you love to do? What were the results that came out of doing what you love?


The students of Corey Mason’s class at El Cerrito High learned about the amount of hard work and persistence that it takes to get rewarding results. The morning began in downtown Oakland with a visit to the Post News Group offices, Pandora and Youth Radio International. Staff at the Post News Group showed students the processes of journalism: editing, publication, photography, distribution, etc., that all goes in to producing the newspaper.


The next destination was the musical environment of Pandora. There, students learned about the journey of life and how long that journey can take. They also learned about the distinct foundation of Pandora and how it functions.


Several employees shared how long it took them to recognize what it is that they wanted to do in life. At Pandora, music was their calling.


At the end of this eye-opening expedition was Youth Radio, an award-winning media production company that trains a diverse group of young people in digital media and technology. This group is always welcoming, enthusiastic, and humbling as they produce marketable media for massive audiences and bring youth perspectives to issues of public concern.


Doing what you love to do puts you in a place where there is nothing that can bother you. You’re not waiting to get off work at a job that you hate.


You have to love to learn and teach every day of your life. Conclude everyday with a good deed in order to keep a positive revolution for the world. All the positivity in your life has been brought to you like a compass so you can follow your passion.


At times, certain things may not become great, you may not be a perfect person, but you know what it is that you are good at. And if you know that, you must strengthen your weaknesses as well. This is the positive energy that comes out of people that are following their passion.


This trip showed how we all have our own way to express ourselves to the world. You may be surrounded by true friends and supporters who keep you moving forward. You can have a different perspective of life, how to live it and how to do what you love.


We all have to be striving to reach a goal with every single step we take in order to reach the finish line.


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