Artist Fleetwood Sparks Musical Movement with “Wat U Xpect”


In response to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a white Ferguson police officer that has sparked protests across the nation, Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden recently released his single “Wat U Xpect” with Da Cotton Pickas to encourage a revolution of the people and the community.


Da Cotton Pickas are a collective group of souljas worldwide with a sound best described as a mixture of the Geto boys, Public Enemy, Goodie Mob, NWA and Tupac.


The song is an open letter to “racist America” about the blatant disrespect of people of color in America, and features DO D.A.T. and JR the Minister of Information.


“The time has come again for radical, revolutionary, and gangsta music to be brought to the forefront with no apologies and no fear of repercussions,” said Fleetwood.


With Da Cotton Pickas, Fleetwood said he wants to start a musical movement reflecting where Black people have come from as well as their identity of strength and passion.


“We aim to light a fire in the youth of America…by helping them understand who they are, and encouraging them to educate and equip themselves with the tools to become successful,” he said.


I see this music being used as a tool for uplifting and motivation, he added.


In response to criticism of his music, Fleetwood explains, “Just remember that there’s a difference between self awareness and racism.”


“We’re inspiring our lost youth to love themselves and their race while paying attention to what’s going on around them.”


“After all the disrespect and neglect of people of color in America, honestly please tell me what you expect?” Asked Fleetwood.

“Wat U Xpect” is available for download on iTunes and you can view the video on YouTube.


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