Organizers of Black Arts Movement Celebration Seek to Inspire Youth


Organizers of the 50th anniversary of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) hope to inspire young people through literature with their upcoming celebration events this year.

“We know reaching our children through literature will help deter them from being victims of the criminal justice system,” said BAM producer and writer Marvin X.

Although he has written material for children such as his 1968 classic fable “The Black Bird,” Marvin says we must reach the parents as well. He also looks forward to working with the new Superintendent of Alameda County Schools, Karen Monroe, to help students through the Bay Area BAM celebration.

The 50th anniversary event will begin with a gala opening at Laney College Art Gallery on February 7 and will include a performance by the BAM Poets Choir & Arkestra.

In partnership with The Post News Group, the BAM Isaiah 61 Project will feature artwork of prisoners in San Quentin prison. The project will make books available to inmates and disseminate their writings in the Post newspapers.

For more information or to help plan the BAM celebration, contact Marvin X at [email protected],, or (510) 200-4164.


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