School Buzz: A Societal Change


Education is not something that you have to do. Education is not something that is a waste of your time.




Education is a vehicle that will take your mind on a journey to learn about the world that we are all living in. Education teaches you about the outcomes that have happened in society from the past.




You learn about what has happened to others in a negative way, but also the strength that certain individuals had to help make a positive change. These are people we call the social leaders, who dealt with the struggles that they had to endure.




They would express their messages about morality and values, which were received by the whole world. This was the foundation not only of their education, but their experiences in life that allowed them to communicate to everyone by speaking truth by powerful words and actions.




Gibor Basri, vice chancellor for Equity and Inclusion at UC Berkeley, is announcing that he will be stepping down at the end of this academic year. He has been a part of the university for 32 years as an astrophysicist. His astounding research in astrophysics demonstrates how stars and planets form and the way stars age.




He discovered a new class of astronomical object: brown dwarfs, which are intermediate in mass between stars and planets. According to Basri, the results of his research may contribute toward “mankind’s perspective on our place in the universe.”




In his diversity work, Basri has tried “to make sure students in underserved schools can get on a college path (and) to make sure that students who are at a great college, like Berkeley, advance in their career aspirations.”




In his work with faculty, he has encouraged “fair representation of all groups in the faculty,” he said. “ This work finally led to my appointment as the first vice chancellor for Equity and Inclusion at UC Berkeley and indeed in the whole UC system.”




“I believe that I’ve served as a positive role model for underrepresented students, have raised money and created activities and have devised and instituted policies and practices that increase equity and inclusion in higher education and at UC Berkeley in particular,” said Basri.




Cesar Chavez, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. led independence and inspirational movements for civil rights and freedom through nonviolence portraying the truth in all situations. They spoke their minds, made a difference by thinking out loud, and could feel that others have been thinking and feeling the exact same way.




Basri is attempting to do the same; “I work hard to see that changes I help bring about are ‘institutionalized,’ meaning that others carry them on when I’m no longer there.




“My dreams have already become a reality, in terms of my own career and life, and reality has sometimes even exceeded my dreams. I have absolutely no regrets about my path. I found that hard work and discipline pay off in the long run, as people said they would.”




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