Raiders Menelik Watson Donates Game Check to Sick 4-year-old

Menelik Watson
Menelik Watson

Raiders offensive tackle Menelik Watson donated his week 16 game check, which equates to a gross amount of more than $36,000, to a sick 4-year old girl and her family.

Touchdown Dreams, a program founded by NFL insider and Fox sports reporter Jay Glazer, connects chronically ill children with their favorite players and teams for memorable experiences.

Ava Urrea, 4, has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare heart condition that causes one side of the heart to be undeveloped. Because of the program, Ava and her family were able to attend a Raiders practice.

She was made captain for the day and received signed helmets and footballs from the players.

However, Watson took an additional next step, donating his week 16 earnings to Ava and her family, which equals to more than $18,000 after taxes.


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