Brenda Vaughn Seeks to Make Waves in City’s Music Scene


Brenda Vaughn – renowned singer, voce coach, manager and booking agent – is returning to Geoffrey’s Inner Circle after working for a number of years in Taiwan and Singapore and other cities in Europe and Asia.

She has returned home to direct and book musical entertainment at Geoffrey’s and take charge of initiatives to bring new life to Oakland’s music scene. “The addition of Ms. Vaughn to our team will ultimately be a benefit to the whole city of Oakland,” said Geoffrey Pete.

The first musical extravaganza, “My Sister’s Keeper,” will be held Saturday, Jan. 31 at Geoffrey’s – a tribute and fundraiser for Rosie Gaines, formerly of the Bay Area, who was recruited with Prince.

The event will feature R&B greats Dwayne Wiggins, Lady Bianca, Jeannie Tracy, Maxine Jones, Tara Kemp, Tony Dewayne, Charlene Moore, Derick Hughes and members of Rosie Gaines’ old band coming together.

Others on the star-studded program include Melvin Carter from Atlanta, Curtis Ohlsom, Wilton Raab, members of Grand Central Station and other Bay Area musicians. Tentatively scheduled to appear are Rosie Gaines and Otis Redding 111.

“The Jan 31 event is not only a tribute but kicks off efforts to establish a foundation for musicians in the Bay Area so that we can lend a hand to each other,” Vaughn said. “ I want to make this project a vehicle so that a musician who is experiencing difficulties can get help with PG&E bills, food or for other emergencies. It’s a way we can help each other. “

In addition, Pete wants to reinstate programs that involve youth in music and in the music scene.

“ We are going to work to reinstate the mandatory playing of instrument by all students of the public school system, in co-ordination with the Oakland Symphony and the collective of musicians through out the city,” said Pete, adding that he would like to see the city contribute funds to subsidize musicians who perform at Oakland venues.

A birthday celebration for Brenda Vaughn will be held on Thursday, Jan. 8 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Geoffrey’s.

Geoffrey’s Inner Circle is located at410 14th St. in Oakland. For more information on the Jan. 31, go to


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