SCHOOL BUZZ: We Are Our Choices


Today’s society is changing. Back in the day, school would allow you to progress in life.

Now, it seems that a college degree has no meaning. After you receive your first degree then it is time for graduate school, or you may decide to become an artist. But how much time would that take?

Life is not about discovering yourself; it is about creating yourself. Every single day, there are several opportunities to learn and to teach. We can learn from the youth and from the elders. We can teach the youth and we can teach the elders.

Is there a difference? There is none.

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Nadir Morgan
Nadir Morgan

“All the things I did can be passed down to the future, because when you help children younger than you, they begin to soak up information and learn,” said Nadir Morgan.

We have memories from the past, we can prepare for the future, but in actuality, we must live in the present. We must watch what is going on in our environment. We have to learn through our experiences and make a positive change to help those around us as well as ourselves.

These moments will become the source of our beating hearts. Love.

“When achieving my goals and dreams, it will impact others and help inspire those with success in mind,” said Rajaee DeLane.

We have been blessed to meet many unique individuals who have found their way to live their lives. If only we can see each other the same way that artists view their artwork; everyone is beautiful in any way or form.

Rajaee DeLane
Rajaee DeLane

The mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to it’s old self.

“Back in my hometown of Panorama City, I worked on several political campaigns to help ensure that the right candidates were elected to serve as a voice for not just my city, but throughout the San Fernando Valley,” said Ovanes Chobanian.

It is our courage that prevails, because we all are a reflection of our choices.


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