OP-ED: Let Us Resolve to Be Forever Free


I offer my New Year’s resolution – for Black America to be resolved to address the ills of the community. Let us finally confront the reality of unemployment and underemployment.

Let us acknowledge the reality of illiteracy and alcohol and drug addictions. Let us address the problems of unwed parentage. Let us boldly and bravely address the reality of Black on Black crime. Let us address the reality that Black America is the least employed, least educated, least married and poorest demographic in America.

Let us be resolved this year to not be used as the pawns of the race baiters. The so-called leaders of the Black community have led us nowhere.

Ergo, this year let us refuse to follow those who have no destination to take us to. Let us cry foul to those who would attempt to profit off the pains of the Black community but offer no plans nor make any promises for betterment. Let us refuse this “sound and fury, signifying nothing” voices within the Black community. Let us raise our own voices and refuse to allow any one person to speak for us or on our behalf.

Let us be resolved this year to be victors and not victims. Instead of rioting, let us be resolved to get rich. Instead of burning down businesses, let us be resolved to build our own businesses. Instead of dropping out of school, this year let us as a community drop back into the school districts and lend support and demand accountability. Let us focus on the things that connect us and not on the things that divide us. Let us learn and know our history but not live in it. Let us choose love instead of hate.

Let us create a new vision of hope, one of success and not defeat, a vision of power not powerlessness. Let us be resolved this year to no longer despair but to dream bigger dreams for us all. This year in honor of the Emancipation Proclamation which was signed on New Year’s Day 1863 claiming the slaves to be “forever free,” let us forever live as if we are truly and forever free.

Come meet and hear Karen Watson speak at the Novato Republican Women’s Federated luncheon on Jan. 20 at the Marin Country Club


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