SCHOOL BUZZ: Everybody Wants To Be Successful


Everybody wants to be successful, but what can you do to become successful? You will have to do one or multiple things that are not just focused on yourself but can also benefit others.

Rajaee DeLane was born in Washington, D.C., raised in Malaysia, and now livesin Hayward. He is a very focused and humble young man who follows his own path in order to make his dream become a reality.

“I love challenging myself in any tough situation and seeking opportunities. I want to make the most out of what’s been given,” said Rajaee DeLane.

He is an individual who will not allow anything to block his path.

Delane has created a movement that allows people to create their own path. “I started a movement called ‘DTFS’ Devoting Time For Success,” he said. “The goal was to inspire people to achieve their personal goals by putting in extra time in what they do. The project was phenomenal, and I continue to do bigger and better things with the DTFS Movement.”

His work ethic has not only begun to spread positive and inspirational outcomes, but he has also volunteered in the Cupertino community.

His efforts as captain of the De Anza Community College soccer team has led them to the Final Four.

“I led the conference in goals and was part of a special program,” he said. “The Cupertino community was highly supportive and helped our team with recognition and helped build a buzz in the Silicon Valley.”

He plans to transfer to UC Berkeley with a soccer scholarship and earn a degree in photojournalism and business.

After that, he wants to play professional soccer.

“I feel that I must continue to work hard and progress by becoming a role model, someone who people can look up to and rely on,” he said. “When achieving my goals and dreams, I will impact others and help inspire those with success in mind.”

Rajaee DeLane is an individual who continuously aims towards a higher goal.


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