Paramount and African-American Business Leaders Team Up to Offer Free Selma Showings to Students Nationwide


By Yesha Callahan, The Root

Last week it was announced that seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders in New York City would be able to see the movie Selma for free, thanks to the generosity of Paramount Pictures and 27 African-American business leaders. Because of the popularity of the New York City endeavor, Paramount and the business leaders plan to team up with other cities to create funds for students in those locations to see the movie for free, too.

“The response to our program in New York is better than we could have anticipated, and we are truly moved by the generosity and outpouring of support,” Charles Phillips, chief executive of New York software company Infor, said in a statement.

“The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s heroic efforts in Alabama during the civil rights movement is an important chapter in our country’s history—and one that still resonates deeply today. Due to the many generous donors, tens of thousands of students around the country will have the opportunity to experience this extraordinary film.”

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