SCHOOL BUZZ: The Millennial Generation and Social Media


Welcome to the millennial generation. These youthful citizens will learn the world of the future.


But the current attention span of these individuals focuses on the touch screens of mobile devices, flat screen televisions, and tablets.


This is the evolution of technology that we are all a part of, but what will be the results of what has begun?


Socially, the world seems to resemble the values displayed in social media, rather than in the course of physical socializing.


A person’s value is now based on the number of followers or “friends” they have on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, and/or Facebook.


I said “and/or” for those that are a part of three or more of the named social media networks, because there are many more that were not named.


What is important is the face value that you have on them and the people who want to be like you. Will those people know who you are on the streets based on what you have posted?


Are you the same person online that you are in real life? Is that your real self or do you have a “cyber self”?


You’re not deep. You’re not an intellectual. You’re not an artist. You’re not a critic. You’re not a poet. You’re not an athlete. You just have Internet access.


Everyone does.


Social media has taken away the millennial generations’ attention span by drawing them into “nothingness.” Information in this day and age is about interests of style, fashion, money, profession, sports, and sometimes violence.


What happened to the morals and values of humanity? What happened to teaching and learning every single day of life? It isn’t a waste of time if you gain something from it.


The world that we live in relies on our sense of self, mentally and physically. We must always make ourselves better and to thrive. There needs to be a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.


Go outside your door and meet someone. You might not know the person, their race or what they look like, you don’t know what they do in their work life, and you don’t even know if they are going to be your friend.


But at least it is a way for you to get out of your house, explore the world outside of your comfort zone, and to physically and socially network so that you may bring forth multiple opportunities for yourself to succeed and progress.


Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living. I’m not telling you that it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.


Don’t think about something that will happen in a week. Time and hard work will give you everything that you have ever wanted.


The moral of the story is that one must see the beauty in what one has. Follow your passion, don’t treat it as work.


Treat it as something fun to do while getting paid for doing it.




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