Youth Ag Day 2015


This is the 13th year of Youth Ag Day, hosted by the Solano County Fair Association. Youth Ag Day is still in need of support. Scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, Youth Ag Day offers a unique educational experience for third-grade students in Solano County.

More than 3,100 third graders participated in last year’s event, which provided an educational and fun environment for students to learn about the important contributions agriculture makes to their lives.

Youth Ag Day is a collaborative effort of dedicated volunteers, local farmers, ranchers, businesses and agricultural agencies. Using a field-trip format, we provide informative and interactive displays for the students.

Presentations feature a wide range of topics, including sheep herding, the dairy industry, farm equipment, cattle herding, composting, recycling, water management, the benefits of insects, and many other aspects of farm life.

This rewarding, educational outing is free of charge to all those who participate. However, the classes do have to provide their own transportation.

A sponsorship of $500 will subsidize the cost of one bus to transport third graders to this event. Any monetary donation would be appreciated, and would help support this annual event.

Please direct sponsorship questions to [email protected] or contact Marcia Coffman at (707) 551-2002.


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