SCHOOL BUZZ: Health Is Wealth


Paying attention to your health is a key part of living a better life. To do that, you must become conscious of your health choices and put the effort


Maintaining your health requires not only exercising, but also good nutrition. This does not mean buying a lot of supplements or prescriptions but in figuring out how to develop your inner strength.


What you eat is important, but it is better to eat five small meals rather than a few big ones. Many Americans eat too much in quantity that is low in quality.


Every plate that you choose to eat should at least have vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fat free or 1% milk or dairy products. From these foods, you obtain nutrients like potassium, calcium and Vitamin D.


We have to cherish and take care of our bodies. They are our temples. So let’s keep our temples clean and pristine. You can treat your body as if it is your car. Your body needs carbohydrates, and cars need gas to move.


Carbohydrates allow your body to continue to function. Many people think that “no carb” diets will help them lose weight and to have a great body. However, carbohydrates provide energy to help blood flow to every part of the body, including the brain.


Food like bread, noodles, oatmeal, cereal, bagels, etc. will help you body to be energized every day.


If you treat your body like a car, how can it function without a driver aka your brain?


Besides needing energy, something else that contributes towards your health, is fitness.


Your body needs exercise, which can lead to weight loss and help you live longer. Exercise can be as simple as taking a walk through the neighborhood.


Paying attention to fitness is something that you have to make the time to do. Don’t be afraid of it. Enjoy it.


All of this information is only the beginning of the discussion of health. Every type of food is filled with vitamins and nutrients that will give your body great skin, great vision, a health and much more.


There are endless possibilities of what we can do with our lives. But the only way that we all can do all this is to stay healthy.

So take a bite out of an apple. Snack on a piece of broccoli. Cook up a nice, hot steak, and if you have a sweet tooth, reward yourself with a sweet dessert to keep a wonderful smile on your face.



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