SCHOOL BUZZ: The World Is It’s Own Classroom


On a school campus, seventy percent of students are detached from society and instead have become inseparable to their mobile devices. Their attention span is shortening and they often do not focus on what needs to be done in reality.


Social media is no longer a trend, it is now a lifestyle. However, instead of being consumed by it, social media can be a way for all of us to become educated in and outside the classroom.


Education has allowed us to evolve and to be in the place that we are today. So, why should we stop? Let us keep going.


We can learn together. Let’s take ourselves out of the negative ordeals to create positive ones. Let’s not have a negative mindset, but live with a positive outlook.


We are not meant to just live on our own. We all need each other. Every person has a strength that can contribute to not only his or her self, but can contribute to all.


We just have to appreciate each other.


There are multiple possibilities for every single one of us. We cannot be constricted to what we have been told to do, but we have to follow our passion.


There are no rules that someone can place on your lifestyle. Be yourself and no one can take that away from you. You are capable of doing whatever it is you want to do by following your passion.


Education is limitless. We cannot fall into the distractions that change our perspectives of what reality is.


Sometimes there is a lot of darkness, but we can outshine the darkness and let the world be filled with light.


There are many things that we all can do together. Teamwork makes the dream work.


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