Tech Experts Teach Faith Leaders to Launch Programs through the Cloud


OCCUR and The San Francisco Foundation FAITHS Program present: Cracking the Social Media Code: Success Strategies for Faiths and Nonprofits

“Do you tweet or really understand the cloud?” quips Carmen Bogan, Program Director of the OCCUR/San Francisco Foundation capacity building program, A Model Built on Faith.

“Our faiths leaders are often frustrated and sometimes confused by the whirlwind of technology and social media happening around them, yet none of us can afford to ignore the environment. Can you even imagine the community transformation that could happen if all nonprofit and faiths leaders were as tech savvy as our youth? This workshop’s got it. And it’s free!” she said.


Pastor L.J. Jennings
Pastor L.J. Jennings

On February 26, nonprofit and faiths leaders will have the powerful and unique opportunity to learn how to realize organizational transformation through proven social media strategies. Presenters, Pastor L.J. Jennings, founder and senior pastor of Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship (KBCF), and Denisha DeLane, founder of Faith in the Bay – a Bay Area online media company, will teach the practical side of technology in their tag-team workshop, Cracking the Social Media Code: Success Strategies for Faiths and Nonprofit Organizations.


In their training, Pastor Jennings and DeLane will explain technologies such as cloud-based systems and social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. They will also discuss how understanding these and other technologies are being used in faiths and other organizations to enhance programming, impact, visibility and funding strategies. In this interactive workshop, leaders will have the opportunity to try new technologies and brainstorm on how these strategies might be used for greater impact in their own organizations.


DeNisha DeLane
Denisha DeLane

“Participants need to come ready to learn, have fun and be amazed at the tools that have been unfamiliar but available to all of us for years,” says DeLane. “After attending this workshop, all of these terms we hear about will no longer be familiar. Understanding them will open a new mindset in the possibilities of reaching broader audiences.”


It will take place on February 26 at the First Unitarian Church, 685 14th Street, Oakland, 94612. Check in is 8:30 a.m. Workshop is from 9 a.m. to noon. RSVP online at, email: [email protected], or call (510) 839-2440.


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