Hilary Clinton Headlines Watermarks First Women’s Conference


Santa Clara, CA – If your unfamiliar on where the most influential and powerful women of Silicon Valley meet, than stay tuned. This Tuesday they will be congregating at the Santa Clara Convention Center for Watermark’s first annual Women’s Conference. With up to 200 speakers from all over the world, the one thing these women have in common is success.

One of these remarkable women is Marlene Williamson who is the CEO of Watermark. Although Williamson has been in the position one month, she is no stranger to being a Senior Executive. She’s been chief marketing officer for a number of technology companies as well as being named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association, Innovator of the Year by Google, and Outstanding Female Executive in Silicon Valley by the YWCA.


A former member of the Board of Directors at Watermark, the organization approached her about becoming the next CEO. Realizing it was time to change her career path, Williamson accepted the offer excited about the opportunities to come for Watermark. The networking possibilities for women is endless and its Williamson’s passion to see this organization succeed.


“I’ve been a member of Watermark for many years and know the organization well, said Williamson. “I’m very passionate about this, I admire people who make career changes. This is the first year we’re doing something like this and every year we have a event that focuses on connecting women, developing women executives and being advocates for women to become executives.”


If you haven’t already register please sign up as this event is SOLD OUT! Limited seating is available. Information is online at: https://www.leadonca.org.


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