Mayor Libby Schaaf Meets with Interfaith Leaders


In a recent meeting with interfaith leaders from around the Bay Area, Mayor Libby Schaaf expressed a need for more youth engagement programs in the city.



She encouraged clergy to focus on helping the next generation of youth through intervention, prevention, and planning programs, and offered her support in bringing resources to the community.


The meeting was held at the East Bay Community Foundation and organized by a planning committee of local clergy with coordinator Cathy Adams.

Those attending the meeting included Mayor Libby Schaaf, CEO of the East Bay Community Foundation James Head, Dr. Gerald Agee, Rev. Michael Barber, Michelle Myles Chambers, Tessa Rouverol Callejo, Pastor Ken Chambers, Jeri Boomgaarten, Rev. Linda Boston, Pastor Greggory and Mrs. Brown, Rev. Daniel Buford, Rev. Alexander Castillo, Carl Chan, Elder Peter Chang, Pastor Virgil Childs, Patricia Woods-Childs, Dean Criddle, Carolyn Doelling, Pastor Jacqueline Duhart, Dr. Russell Duley, David Duong, Marissa Edwards, Merlin Edwards, Jim Falaschi, Amy Fitzgerald, Pastor Curtis Flemming, Nancy Flemming, M.D., Aloysia Fouche, Mike Ghielmetti, Bathsheba Tina Haramber, Pastor Grady Harris, Pastor Rachel Hawkins, Pastor Jim Hopkins, John Huang, Jennifer Jo, Pastor Clarence Johnson, Bishop Michael Johnson, Conway Jones Jr., Pastor Raymond Lankford, Leslie Littleton, Rev. Laurie Manning, Pastor Chauncey Matthews, Father Jay Matthews, Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry, Ronald McClain, Greg McConnell, Rev. Josh McPaul, Rev. Ben McPride, Peggy Moore, Jordan Moss, Tomiquia Moss, Tikisha Ong, John Protopappas, Father George Quickley, Pastors Brondon and Maria Reems, Marlene Rodriguez, Bill Rosetti, Randy Roth, Mary Savoie Stephens, Azita Sayyah, Pastor Phyllis Scott, Pastor Donald Scurry, Imam Victor Shakir, Ali Sheikholeslami, Dr. J. Alfred Smith Jr., Dr. Carol Taylor, Dr. Jackie Thompson, Lynn Truong, Bishop J.E. Watkins, Dr. Marc Woodson, and Father Tom Zafres. Photo by Diallo Jeffery.


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