Elders Say They Face Harassment at East Oakland Senior Center


By Post Staff


A number of the regulars who attend the East Oakland Senior Center at 9255 Edes Ave. to play card games like Bid Whist, eat and socialize are complaining to the City of Oakland about how they are being treated at the center.


They say the center’s staff do not regularly clean the facility, especially the bathrooms, and expect the seniors to sweep and clean and take trash to dumpsters after they use the center.


In addition, staff have restricted the seniors’ right to eat at the center, removing a microwave oven and have not supplied card tables for the seniors to use.


After the card players complained, they did receive a few tables but no chairs.


The senior citizens also say they have been harassed and intimidated in retaliation after they complained.


Recently, the center was locked while some of the elders were still inside. Some were able to squeeze under a partially closed gate, but they had to call for help so a woman in an wheelchair and others could leave the building.


The Oakland Post is following this complaint and will report what the city does to resolve these issues. City staff who are responsible for the senior centers are Scott Means, Aging and Adult Services Manager for the city, and Sara Bedford, director of the city’s Human Services Department.


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