Richard Johnson’s Prison Letters – Sparking Positive, Hopeful Reactions


The prison letters from Richard Johnson’s Soledad Prison cell are being reprinted, posted on Facebook and even cited in some sermons throughout the Bay Area.

Ministers Jasper Lowery and Ron Linzie say they use the messages as part of their recovery and re-entry ministries to supplement their biblical messages.

“Families of the convicted and families of the victims are also victims, our city needs to embrace them,” said Lowery.

Minister Linzie, a former gang leader in Acorn known as “Poison,” says he uses Johnson’s letters “to advocate for jobs and recreational programs for youth.”

Linzie and Lowery have teamed up with videographer Troy Williams, who was recently released from San Quentin, and Veteran’s Commissioner Conway Jones, to develop plans to inform formerly incarcerated, veterans and youth about jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. Each will join Johnson with columns in the Post.


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