SCHOOL BUZZ: Never Give Up on Your Goals


Everything you want will not come instantly – it will take time and effort.

There are many opportunities that you have right under your nose. You just have to realize them and put out your best effort to attain them. This will make you feel better about life.



On top of that, don’t ever give up. Always keep your goals – what you want and need – on your mind and it will come. Hold on to the strength that you have inside yourself to put out the best results.

Ask yourself, how would you like to live the rest of your life?

Sometimes we lose ourselves thinking in temporary terms, but do not hold on to that. Even the faithful people slip sometimes.

It’s ok to take your time.

When everything falls into place, you will feel accomplished and good about yourself.

When the opportunity is presented to you, always give it all you have. No matter where you start, whether it is from the bottom, the middle, or even if you are close to the top.

Once you have worked hard to reach your goals, hold on to it. Cherish it.

Sometimes you will reach a place that you thought you couldn’t even touch. Sometimes you reach a place of enlightenment, and you show yourself to be stronger than you could ever imagine.

Everyday will become better than yesterday.


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