African Dancers at Hannah Gallery for Black History Celebration


The Nimely Pan Africa Dance Company presented a Black History Month Celebration Saturday, Feb. 28 at the Hannah Gallery in Marin City.

About a hundred people came to watch the performance and enjoy the dinner that was served afterwards.

The show, “Echoes of Liberian and Guinea Culture,” featured the adult company and children’s troupe.

Three of the dances reflected the beliefs and culture of the people.

Lamba is a dance that can be found in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, the Gambia and Senegal. This song and dance ceremony enacted at passages of life and for spiritual cleansings.

Daro is a dance reception from Guinea, and is performed by women to give power to the chief of a village. These women play different instruments, sing and dance for the chief, and bless him with continued success in his duty.

The Farming Ballet is from Liberia, and explains to the people the way of life in Liberia. There are two seasons, rainy and dry. During rainy season, the villagers wake up early and spend a day away from their homes working the earth.

This is a happy time where people cook and sing together and meet their love ones.

The Nimely Pan African Dance Company is a non-profit arts organization based in Oakland that celebrates the life, youth, and wisdom of West Africa. The director is Nimely Napla, master dancer, craftsmen, costume designer and choreographer who has extensive knowledge of Liberian culture.

Napla has worked as a costume designer and choreographer for renowned companies such as Diamano Coura West African Dance Company based in California, the Kankouran Dance Company based in Washington, DC, and the World renowned stage play, “The Lion King.”

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