New 5-Year Contract for San Leandro City Manager


Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter and the San Leandro City Council have adopted a five-year extension of the contract with City Manager Chris Zapata, who has been serving in that capacity since 2012.

“The City Council and I have been highly impressed with Chris’ leadership over the past three years, as well as all of the positive momentum that has been developing in our city since he joined the organization,” said Mayor Cutter.

As part of his new contract, Zapata will earn a salary of $223,000 to be adjusted annually, as well as a one-time $22,300 payment in recognition of exemplary performance and his not having received any salary increases for the past three years.

The city manager will continue to voluntarily contribute $20,000 annually from his own salary to that of the assistant city manager and chief of police until 2017.

Under the terms of the new contract, Zapata also will continue to pay his full employee share of retirement contributions, and the City Council will annually evaluate his performance.

“I am truly honored that the City Council has offered me the opportunity to continue serving the San Leandro community over the next five years,” said Zapata.


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