Pastors, NAACP, Black Businesses Back OUSD Superintendent, Demand Positive Changes


Oakland Unified School District Antwan Wilson and his new team of administrators recently met with Pastors of Oakland, the African American Chamber of Commerce and the Oakland NAACP, seeking to build rapport and support for the superintendent’s vision.

“We all agreed that we would support the vision of the superintendent, that we would have an ongoing dialogue on the how the schools are coming along, and we would look at how the schools are coming along and how we could assist in making the schools that what we hope and know they can be,” said Pastor Gerald Agee, president of Pastors of Oakland.

The meeting was held at Friendship Christian Center.

Pastor Agee said Wilson’s administrative team agreed to be accessible to the pastors, parents and community. “Charter schools were not part of the conversation,” Agee said. “Quality schools were the conversation. We want quality schools to be the agenda for the superintendent’s office and for the principals of the schools,” he said.

The superintendent explained that he had saved the school district money by bringing in his new administrative team while not filling other empty administrative positions.

“The state of the schools is not OK, and we as a community have to demand change, and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Agee.

“(We) plan to meet again in the next few weeks to talk about next steps,” he said.

Agee added, “We’re at a stage where we have to roll up our sleeves, all of us, and work together to make the schools into what they should be. This is not the end of anything. This is the beginning of the conversation.”


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