Bayside Students Compete in First Robot Games


By Denise Suto

The Robotic Club at the Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy participated in the ROBOGames this past Saturday in San Mateo.

The ROBOGames are the ‘Olympics of Robots,’ where the best minds from around the world compete in over 50 different events – which includes combat robots, fire fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and androids.

This year was the first competition for students Jo’Lique Byrd, Narottam Hammari, Fermin Valladares, and Jonathan Hernandez Estrada. Through a partnership with Reaching Out With Robotics, the robotics club at Tamalpais High School that was founded by sophomore Sona Dolasia, students from Bayside meet weekly with the high school club mentors to build and program Lego Mind Storm robots to participate in robotics competitions.

Laptops, donated by Mary Ann Maggiore, were used to program the robots to complete different challenges, such as finishing mazes and pick-up challenges.

The Disney Friends for Change awarded the Bayside Robotic Club with a grant to attend the ROBOGames last weekend.

The club thanks everyone who supported the students, including parent volunteers who helped with transportation.

To learn more about the school program and ROBOGames, go to: and

Denise Suto is a science teacher at Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy.


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