Bobby Brackins, Creating Music to Top the Charts


When talking with artist and songwriter Bobby Brackins, it’s natural for one to be in awe of his musical ingenuity.

He first entered the music scene with his 2010 hit “143” and has since penned Ray J’s “Hit it First”, Tinashe’s “2 On” and co-wrote Chris Brown’s “Loyal” with Ty Dolla Sign, among others. He has worked with an extended list of artists over his career, including Zendaya, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Dev, and South Korean rapper and singer, CL.

While he continues to write record songs and collaborate with different artists, Oakland-bred Brackins is also bringing new music with his latest release, “My Jam.”

Featuring Jeremih and fellow Oakland native Zendaya, the song is for music lovers everywhere. In the colorfully vibrant video, they dance to the catchy beat in the tropical heat of Puerto Rico.

It’s about just singing the song that you love, Brackins told this writer.

“My Jam” follows up to his previous popular hit “Hot Box”, which features G-Eazy and Mila J. The rapper in recent months performed on tour with G-Eazy and has been promoting “My Jam” on music platforms around the nation.

Having created multiple hits both as a songwriter and rapper, Brackins shared that, for him, there’s no secret recipe to making big records – it all comes about naturally. He just wants to keep making good music.

“You never really know which one is going to be the big hit; the hits creep in the cuts,” he said, having recently earned a BMI Award for his songwriting on Chris Brown’s “Loyal”.

“I don’t need to be in a big, fancy studio. I like to be in a natural, comfortable environment, and that’s how great music is made,” Brackins said, having started writing “Loyal” at Ty’s apartment and created “2 On” at his old home studio.

“I want to keep [the fans] excited about the music. I just want to put out good music so people can gravitate towards it more and more,” Brackins added.

Having roots in Oakland, the artist says it’s great to see the city gaining recognition for its diversity and artist culture.

“I love Oakland. It’s one of the most diverse and creative places I’ve everbeen,” said Brackins.

He encourages young people to stay motivated.

“Oakland is such a great town of talented people…but it’s really easy to get caught up in the distractions. Stay motivated and know what you want to do, and try not to let the distractions get to you. Stay positive,” he said.

As for the chart-topping hits, “My Jam” and his other projects, Brackins is just getting started. “I’m grateful for everything but it’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot that I want to do – it’s all about building more,” he said.

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