Jack London George Plays for California’s Bullet Train


“Jack London” George Rowan, Jr. recently gave a piano and vocal performance at the April 14 meeting of the California High Speed Rail Authority in support of California’s Bullet Train, which is planned to run from Sacramento to San Diego with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other locations traveling at a speed of 200 miles per hour.



Rowan performed a version of “Chattaooga Choo Choo,” adapting the lyrics in support of the Bullet Train, which is already successful and very popular in Europe and Asia.


Many have expressed their support of the train, including Governor Jerry Brown and the San Francisco International Airport – which can then concentrate on long distance travelers who bring in foreign dollars and eliminate local traffic from the crowded skies.


The terminal in San Francisco is currently under construction to be completed in 2017.


This is no “pie in the sky.” We will see the Bullet Train in our lifetime, so get on board!


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